Who is Hidonia?  

     Hidonia is a nickname given to me, Heidi Priddy, by a dear friend and colleague many moons ago. The root word 'Idonia' means industrious and loving which fits me well because I love people and am always busy.

     I was always a curious child and I don't remember a time when I didn't have a pencil or brush in my hand or my head in a book. I would spy on my mother who loved to paint and watch her for hours. When I reached the age of 15 my father got me my very first customers doing commercial art and crafting macrame ties and belts of all things. I learned early on that if I wanted a job, I just needed to find a need and fill it. In high school I was Commissioner of Publicity which opened up the world of signage for me. I loved it all.

     For the past 30 years my husband and I have had a 

successful sign business but during those years my range of skills in the arts has expanded and I feel now that the business should reflect that. It's time for something new.

     Being addicted to learning I am always trying new and different techniques and mediums in art, music and video. Because of this I can offer a client many things that can assist them in building and promoting their businesses and enrich their personal lives as well, all under one roof.


     A passerby once said to me as I painted a window splash, "Without artists like you, the world would be a very dull place."  I have to agree art does make life a little more fun.